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Barbecue & Supplies

Barbecue Supplies

Bear Mountain BBQ Pellets


Nature is our guide, and our mentor. 

If you’re looking to add a rich, smoky flavor to your food without using anything artificial, our wood pellets will be your secret weapon.  After combining lots of different choice hardwoods, we've crafted optimal flavors out of the right blends.  We don’t use any fillers, binders, or bark, so our premium all-natural wood pellets deliver a perfect, clean smoke - every time.  We’ve also refined the pellet-making process, creating the perfect pellet structure with only 5% moisture.  This means that our pellets grant the perfect burn, infusing mouth-watering flavor with little ash to clean up.  

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Now Available - Manchester BBQ Pellets


Butcher BBQ   


Butcher BBQ injections, rubs, and sauces have been used for years to win some of the biggest contests, as well as many local competitions around the World.



David Bouska

The Legacy:







After 34 years of running meat markets, sausage counters, selling wholesale, and running a custom meat processing plant, I started cooking in our local BBQ competitions. From my very first contest I used an injection that I had developed for our meat shop. Over the next few years I tweaked the ingredients to make it more user friendly for the BBQ comp world. From there we packaged our original Beef Injection. We listened to our customers and added our Pork Injection. I have used the Premium Rub since my very first comp and added our Honey Rub next. With all this life long experiences I decided to bring the science to bbq. 


Butcher BBQ has appeared on season 4 and season 5 of the TV reality hit show BBQ Pitmasters and BBQ Pitmasters All Stars.  Using our award winning injections, rubs, and sauces found right here on this web site.

The Experts Choice:

We use high quality ingredients to make our products. With your family in mind, all of our products are made in USDA inspected plants. Our injections have been researched, developed, tested, and brought to the retail market with using over 34 years of meat knowledge. No other company can match that.


Butcher BBQ

Meat Injectors,Rubs

Sauces, and Grilling Accessories are available now!


Suckle Busters

Rubs and Sauces

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